Kings Education

Name of the Institution: Kings Education

Type: International Education Group

Location: the United States of America (USA) and United Kingdom (UK)

Programs offered:
University pathways and English Language Courses.

Kings London 7

Highlights about the institution:
Kings Education are specialist, high quality international education group with teaching locations across the USA and UK. They deliver University pathways and English Language courses . Kings Education values their students above all else. They recognize the immense contribution they make, collectively and individually, towards ensuring their learning communities are rich, dynamic and purposeful. With decades of experience in the unique needs of international students, they are dedicated to educating and mentoring them in ways which recognize their individual ambitions, and which will make a real difference to their available range of skills, experiences and future opportunities.

They aim to define a ‘student-centred’ approach at every level. It starts with the manner in which they attract, counsel and support their prospective students; it’s also defined by the way in which they educate, mentor and support them during their time with them; and it continues through the personal relationships they often maintain with their students long after they have left them to continue their success elsewhere. In practical terms, this requires that they focus on every element of the student experience – including pre-arrival information, academic progress, English language development, cultural adjustment, personal welfare and support, university guidance, extracurricular opportunities and accommodation provision.

Kings Education are committed to ensuring that the total student experience is a happy, fulfilling and enriching one. At Kings, their mission is to provide a general and linguistic education for young people from all over the world intent on studying in an Anglophone environment — developing and nurturing every student to help them achieve personal growth, personal achievement and the best learning outcome for their individual circumstances, ability and needs. They strive to create life-changing and long-lasting memories, and to help their students make ambitious, well-informed and broad-minded choices about the way they lead their future lives.

Undergraduate and Graduate Pathways in the UK
Undergraduate and Graduate Pathways in the USA
English Language Courses

Campus Details:
In the USA Kings Education are operated in Pine Manor College Campus (Boston), Concordial College (New York City), Centennial House (New Jersey) and Marymount (Los Angeles). In the UK, they operate in Bournemouth, London and Oxford.

Semester Starts:
September, January, April and June.




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