Sheridan College

Name of the Institution: Sheridan College

Type:  College

Location: City of Toronto, Canada.

Programs offered:
Certificate, Diplomas, Bachelor’s Degrees and Graduate certificates.



Highlights about the institution:
Founded in 1967 and located in the Greater Toronto Area, Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning has grown to become a leading provider of polytechnic education with more than 17,000 full-time students. Their mission is to help grow fruitful, mutually rewarding connections between their students, faculty, and industry/community partners by providing experiential learning opportunities through solutions-based research projects. Sheridan’s undergraduate research and creative activities will be fully integrated within curriculum, strengthening the undergraduate professional education.

Sheridan College is state-of-the-art facilities featuring the latest computers and technology. Practical hands-on, career-driven education. Work and study through paid co-op programs. Highly dedicated faculty with professional industry experience. An innovator in the integration of mobile computing technology into the teaching/learning experience. Most extensive use of laptop computers in programs among all the colleges and universities in Canada. Start with ESL prior to degrees, diplomas and postgraduate studies. It has world famous programs. Program partnerships with some of the world’s top universities. Live close to the hustle and bustle of Toronto’s business and industry while still enjoying the beauty of nature and high standard of living in Oakville and Brampton. Successful graduates who are leaders in their fields.  Many are also Emmy, Oscar and Genie award winners!

Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design
Pilon School of Business
Faculty of Health & Community Studies
Faculty of Applied Science & Technology
Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences
Faculty of Continuing & Professional Studies.

Campus Details:
 Sheridan has four campuses, one located in Brampton, Ontario, one located in Mississauga, Ontario, and two located in Oakville, Ontario. Davis Campus is Sheridan’s largest campus, home to approximately 8,000 students located in Brampton. Hazel McCallion campus located in Mississauga, Ontario. The Skills Training Centre (STC), located in Oakville and Trafalgar Campus set in lakeside city of Oakville, just west of Toronto.

Semester Starts:
September, January.
Approximate cost of International tuition:  Fees listed below are in Canadian Dollars and are subject to change without notice. It includes tuition, health insurance and ancillary charges. International Students tuition fees who attend on a student visa are $6,788.00 per term unless otherwise stipulated on the invoice.

CERTIFICATE 3,100  – 16,500 1
DIPLOMA 15,100  – 19,300 2
BACHELORS DEGREE 15,600  – 30,500 4
GRADUATE CERTIFICATE 17,100  –  28,000 1


Approximate Additional Expenses:  (Canadian Dollars – CAD$)

The table below shows a breakdown of the approximate living expenses (excluding tuition fees) which an average Sheridan student may incur on a monthly basis and/ or in an eight month period. The average approximate living costs per academic year (8 months), is approximately  $1 1,500 as shown in the breakdown list below:

Books/ Supplies 125 1,000
Housing Rent 750 6,000
Food 250 2,000
Public Transit 100 800
Miscellaneous 200 1,600

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