ESAM- The School of Advanced Management and Finance

Name of the Institution: ESAM- The School of Advanced Management and Finance

Type:  The School of Advanced Management and Finance

Location:Paris, France

Programs offered:
Undergraduate, Graduate Programs.


Highlights about the institution:
ESAM is providing training for international entrepreneurs and managers. Offering 22 months of internship internationally and in France, 18 months abroad with a 3 months session in Dublin in 1st year, 3 compulsory foreign languages, ESAM aims to provide students with essential skills to foster entrepreneurship culture. The vocation of the ESAM is to train managers, entrepreneurs and decision makers of international stature capable of understanding environments increasingly complex and contribute to business growth on a market that has become globalized.

True partner of educational performance and essential link in the acquisition of professional skills. ESAM committed for over 25 years in the professionalization of students. Composed of permanent, consultants, corporate practitioners, renowned academics and former graduates of the ESAM based (in France or abroad), the team of teachers contribute every day to the academic excellence programs and the strengthening of the approach “business skills”. The ESAM has chosen to build its faculty relying largely on “professionals” in their fields so that these situations illustrate their training module they face in “real life”. Thus, they help to promote a pedagogy based on practice and learning basic concepts.

At the ESAM, teachers will find themselves not only confined to their classroom. Teachers accompany students in their various achievements (internships, professional application works, community initiatives, memories. Open their network to enable the success of projects, provide support lessons if needed, schedule of appointments custom to assess progress, and advice in the development of professional project.

Entrepreneur3 majors available:

  1. Entrepreneurship and Business Creation
  2. International Management
  3. Management and Company Development

Bachelor in Management Director
Finance Expert- Audit Consulting Finance
Legal Practitioner- Management and Law

Campus Details:
 Parodi 12 rue Alexandre Parodi 75010 PARIS
47 Rue du Sergent Michel Berthet 69009 LYON

Semester Starts:
September and January

Approximate cost of International tuition:

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