Bonnie Gordon College

Name of the Institution:  Bonnie Gordon College

Type: Confectionery arts Private Career College.

Location: Ontario, Canada.

Programs offered:
Certificates and Diplomas.


Highlights about the institution:
Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionery Arts is an avant-garde private career college specializing in baking, pastry arts, cake design and confections. They focus on teaching proper skills and techniques, while fostering individual creativity and vision. Stress the importance of using high quality ingredients to nurture an appreciation for pure flavors. Encouraging the students to strive for excellence while creating something beautiful.

Whether you are looking to begin a career in pastry arts, baking or cake design, seeking an outlet to fulfill that inner creativity or want to learn some new recipes and techniques, there is a class or program that will suit your desire. They offer small classes of 14-17 students which allow for a friendly learning environment and ensure students receive the full benefit of the courses. Bonnie Gordon University College is admired internationally; students come from countries across the globe to study with them.

Pastry Arts
Confectionery Arts
Designer Cakes
Bakery Essentials

Campus Details:
670 Caledonia Rd. Unit 100, Toronto, Ontario. Canada. M6E 4V9

Semester Starts:
January, February and March.


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