The American Business School Summer Program

Name of the Institution: The American Business School

Type: Business School

Location: Paris, France

Programs offered:
Summer Program


Highlights about the institution:
The American Business School offers students a rich and multicultural environment preparing them to become the global business executives of the future. From the start, they interact and work with people from different cultures on a daily basis. The American Business School of Paris is part of IGS Group (Institut de Gestion Sociale), a federation of 14 schools.

Discover Paris during the summer the American Business School of Paris gives you the opportunity to study in Paris for one or two months during the summer. Come and enjoy the City of Lights as it gradually adopts a more leisurely pace during summertime. Pursuing a summer program in France is a great way to discover Paris and its famous landmarks differently, while studying international business. And no matter where you live in Paris, you won’t be far from a sunny “café terrasse” or a tantalizing traditional “patisserie”. You’ll see that there’s no better place to spend your summer!

Innovative Professional Experience
European Business Studies
Fashion and Luxury Management
Cultural Experience

Campus Details:
The American Business School of Paris is located on the IGS University campus 12, rue Alexandre Parodi 75010 Paris.

Semester Starts: 2 sessions are scheduled:
Summer I – May 23 to June 24, 2016
Summer II – June 27 to July 29, 2016

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